Prices for Every Pocket

At Kids’ Place we make every effort to keep our prices low and affordable. We offer a sibling discount of 10% off the total tuition and an after-school full-week discount of one day free when you enroll for five days a week (does not include full days). We also accept MA state vouchers. For more information on how to apply for a voucher, please visit Child Care Circuit or call 800-660-2868.

Need financial assistance? We regularly seek funding so that we can offer financial assistance to families. Financial assistance is based on available funding and is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Find out if you qualify.

30$ / Day
120$ /  Week


Flexible Schedule

School Pick-Up

Early Release Pick-Ups 

*No Registration Fee

44$ / Day

School Yr. Full Days

As Needed

Professional Development Days

Snow Days

Vacation Weeks

44$ / Day

Summer Fun

Flexible Schedule

Breakfast, Snack, & Lunch 

Kids' Place T-Shirt

Free After Care With 5 Days

*$50 Registration Fee (Not included)

5$ / Hour

Extended Day


As Needed

Emergency Care

4:30 P.M. through 5:30 P.M. 

*Summer Enrollment Required


Q: You are a faith-based program.
What does that mean?  

Being a faith-based program means that our philosophy is based on Christian principles. We believe that the physical, mental and spiritual development of each child is vital to the growth of the whole person – body, mind and spirit. From this foundation we base our activities, curriculum and behavior management plan. So during a typical day at Kids’ Place we encourage character development in various ways. For example, staff model virtues such as unconditional love and patience. Team-building games promote the values of cooperation and trust. When conflict arises among children we mediate by encouraging listening, reconciliation, and forgiveness.


Q: What is Chapel Time and
what are the topics?  

Our daily chapel time teaches children biblical values from the example we find in both the Old Testament and New Testament stories. Children are taught the basics of the Christian faith and how we can live it out in daily life. We desire that children understand that God loves them and has a plan for each of their lives. We recognize the different faith backgrounds represented by the families in our program and do not attempt to proselytize for our particular denomination.

During the school year our chapel topics are on a 3 year rotation. Middle School chapel will vary from year to year but may coincide with K-5th chapel topics.(*Please note this rotation is subject to change) Topics: 1. "What is God like?" 2. "What is a child of God like?" 3. "The Parables of Jesus." During Christmas and Easter we explore the Bible stories about the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ

Our summer chapel topics are also on a 3 year rotation. Middle School chapel will vary from year to year but may coincide with K-5th chapel. (*Please note that this rotation is subject to change). Topics: 1. "The 10 Commandments" 2. "The Beatitudes" 3. "The Fruit of the Spirit"


Q: I would like to see your facility.
Do I need to schedule a visit?  

Yes! Please contact the office to set up an appointment so we can better serve you.

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